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A Look at the Rizzieri Skin Program - Phase I

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

When you think of Rizzieri you probably think hair, right? While this is what we are most commonly thought of, but did you know that the Rizzieri Aveda School is also very accomplished at training skincare professionals?

Each year we graduate skilled professional skin care specialists who have the knowledge and hands on experience to enter this exciting field. Let's take a look at Phase I of the Rizzieri Aveda Skin Program. 

Phase I of the Skin Program:


~ Full Time for 5 ½ months

~ Skin 600 hours broken evenly into 300/300

~ First 0-300 makes up the Junior Phase - the Fundamentals of Skin, including: 

          Sciences - Anatomy, physiology, bone structure, layers of the skin & face shapes

  •           > Nutrition and how what we ingest affects our skin
  •           > Hands on - Building up to facials
  •           > Aveda Concept: Aromatherapy versus essential oils
  •           > Aveda method to facials
  •           > Makeup application
  •           > Back facials
  •           > Waxing
  •           > Consultations

  • Here's what people are saying about the program:

"The best part about the skincare program is how much hands on experience you receive before getting a real job in the real world"

- Chiara Cupisti - Senior Skin Student

"My favorite part of class is that we are constantly learning. The program is hands with a  fun atmosphere. Our teachers are willing to help with anything and talk us through real scenarios."


- Dominique Buonadonna - Junior Fulltime Skin Student


"I feel like they get the best of both worlds when it comes to holistic aspect of skin care. They also receive the chemical approach to skin care. Aveda has a very unique curriculum and our program is well rounded."

- Amy DellaPolla - Admissions Rep

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